R3 eConsulting is the registering authority of TCS to issue Digital Signatures. R3 issues Digital Signatures for online filing of income tax returns, filing of company returns, applying for tenders etc.

Digital Signature Application Procedure:

  1. Enroll on TCS Website (See Enrollment Section on Sidebar to the Right)
  2. Please download appropriate application from the sidebar to the right (See Download Applications Section on the Sidebar to the Right). Please send the duly filled in application and  payment to our registered office address as displayed in the footer below.

Verify Your Signature:

To confirm that your digital signature is correct and adequate verify your digital signature. Click Here.

To know more about R3 eConsulting, please visit
About R3 eConsulting

For information on how to apply, please visit
R3 eConsulting FAQ’s

For any queries, please write to contact@R3eConsulting.com

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